Ease of product or service management by a company ensures more effective and reliable marketing power.

Business Monitoring

$ 499
Keeping your stock records in simple form and lack of digital management may lead to many mistakes and losses. We are offering you desktop or web-based flexible storage and production solutions where you can digitally manage entire storage and shipment operations.

Label Design

$ 249
It is a printing software to print all your labels quickly and easily. In any number and dimension you wish, using any pprinter you like. You can upload contents from Excel, Access, Word, Text databases and printout labels.

Special Software

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We are offering special software services based on various requests of companies. We are developing equivalents of many programs specific to your business on demand for web-based and Windows operating systems.

Why Do I Need

Custom Software?

  • They are custom planned and coded for you
  • Customized trainings are provided
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Provides statistics on demand
  • Integrated into social media

Custom Software

How does the process work?

Your Targets Are Identified

You will be communicated to identify your targets and provide you with recommendations.

Suitable Package is Selected

Platform and application user count are identified to select appropriate package.

Research and Scenario

We search for software that fits your request, and a scenario is prepared according to your instructions.

Design and Authenticity

Your design is custom made on the basis of your instructions, and delivered to you.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos for the program are prepared according to your instructions.


Necessary revisions are made based on tests according to your instructions, and are delivered to you.

What can be done with

custom software?

Technological software brings solution to problems dozens and maybe hundreds of people. Although these solutions are often offered through mobile systems, majority of the companies still prefer desktop software based solutions. Desktop software is still used in many fields today.