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Rank tracking

Check website rankings in more than 300 location-specific Google search results that may vary by country, region, city, and language. With our free rank tracking tool, you can get daily and real-time ranking updates and track how your website ranks for target keywords. It also covers historical data, so it doesn’t take much effort to monitor ranking changes over time.

Webpage Audit

A comprehensive website audit is a starting point for your online success. Scan your website for existing errors in less than a minute to see what hurdles keep your rankings low. A website audit delivers clear-cut data so that a webmaster can easily spot and fix your website’s technical issues to improve its performance and user experience.

Page Speed Analyzer

Page speed is paramount for both your website visitors and Google that treats it as a ranking factor. With our Page Speed Analyzer, you can measure the exact loading speed of your pages on all devices, including smartphones and desktops. Get a report on what slows them down, packed with recommendations on how to speed them up.

Web Reports

Download the rank tracking, website SEO audit, and speed analysis results in PDF. You can customize how and when you want your reports to be delivered, including receiving email addresses and report schedules.

White label reports:

With a white-label option, you can use Semalt Analytics tools for the benefit of your customers. Deliver comprehensive reports to whoever you serve using unlimited white-label and delivery templates.

Web Analytics API

Crunch the numbers and Semalt Analytics data via an API to make your analytics easier and scale your business. Request access to our API to learn how you can get started on it.


We Know Exactly What We Are Doing

Many leading brands from various sectors prefer Webroute for their content work. You can be inspired by the stories of brands advancing with Webroute's content strategies in their journey to success, and you can take action immediately for your own success strategies.


Loading Time

You can see load times on mobile and desktop devices.


Mobile Compatibility

You can see how your website looks on mobile devices.


Broken Links

It checks the number of broken links on your website and shows it to you.



You can see how many links are showing on your website.


Web Analysis

FREE /1 Month


  • 300 Keywords
  • 3 Projects
  • 3 Month Ranking History
  • Website Analysis Tool
849 £ /6 Month


  • 1,000 keywords
  • 10 projects
  • 1 year ranking history
  • Website analysis tool
1649 £ /12 Month


  • 10,000 keywords
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited ranking history
  • Website analysis tool


Web Study Tools

Homepage F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions

Feeling inquisitive? Have a read through some of our FAQs or contact our supporters for help

When it comes to SEO, a combination of analytical thinking and marketing skills should be combined. Also, it is essential to be creative for coming up with interesting and unique content.

No, because all provided backlinks are carefully selected and carefully linked by our SEO experts. In this way, there is no possibility of damaging the website.

You may have received SEO service and have increased your website to the top of the search results. Still, many other website owners think the same way. Therefore, SEO should be a continuous process. You should always be one step ahead of your competitors.

A successful SEO expert does not guarantee the first page or place in the target keyword. Because it is not possible to give such a guarantee in terms of the working system of search engines. For this reason, we aim to bring websites as a whole to a better position in our work. While it doesn't guarantee any position on a particular keyword, both main target keywords and side keywords will increase rankings and visitor numbers.


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