How many times should I use H Tags in a text?

How many times should I use H Tags in a text?

How many times should I use H Tags in a text?

Tags placed in headers as HTML for the bots used by Google to obtain information about page content are very important. This application, starting from H1 and going until H6, particularly supports SEO effect of the content with high performance when used properly. Ofcourse, content subject and sector’s state are also determinant. Webmaset should, particularly on this topic besides others, inform website admins.

In a text format related to finance sector, 5 different headers within the content can provide sufficient result while number of headers can go as high as 15 in health sector. In addition, H applications in a regular order will eliver an accurate result in terms of text efficiency and performance.Heading tag given right after the header is not a correct practice. However, you can identify tags uring text planning. Applications used within the flow of text may lead to other issues later. There is nothing wrong with using Heading tag in short descriptions.

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