Web sites are now poor tools compared to mobile applications. We saw these issues and directly increased our mobil application development skills.

Order Tracking

You can track all the orders you received over your existing e-commerce or common market (n11, gittigidiyor, hepsiburada, trendyol, etc.) using single application.

Shipment Tracking

You can manage all courier company services using single application. You can get notification upon delivery of your orders, and view recipient information.

Special App

You can make all your products and services easily manageable using the application specifically developed according to your needs.

What Can Be Done On Mobile


Mobile Application

It has not been long since the mobile system entered into our lives but technology advanced rapidly. Companies that are unable to cope with this advancement faced significant impacts while those that were able to keep up quickly made big strikes. Today, iOS and android programs play a significant role. They have excellent market shares and potential customer masses.

Importance of Android and iOS Software 

In the traditional advertisement era, there were television, radio and newspaper. Opportunities for detailed analyses, reports or reaching out to people were quite limited on those platforms. However, the firms are now able to view who they reach to, how, when and how much they reach instantly in the light of their investments thanks to android and iOS programs. Furthermore, they have been of preference since they can offer incredible opportunities to users on immediate basis, reactions an feedbacks of people to those opportunities attract business owners and increase their profitability.

● Mobile Applications carry the companies 1 step ahead in their sectors.
● Almost every firm has an internetsite but a Mobile Application!
● Applications incredibly support in reaching a wider mass more rapidly.
● Application icons will remain on the telephone, thus your firm or business will be at users’ sight and will be remembered for longer periods.
● Custom software, opportunities, offers can be developed using certain systems (Example: Locations of people in general can be identified using GPRS system to execute contracts with the firms in the area. Thus, advertisement costs will be much less than media such as television, magazine, newspaper.)

Importance of Mobile in Our Lives

Today, usability of mobile applications increases in a manner to create a visible change in the ways people use and feel information systems. A few years ago, people had to use computers to access internet, check and read e-mails, however; it is no longer the case today, because computers go everywhere in smartphones. Imagine buying a train ticket when you are on the go, this is why you the company owners need to develop or receive outsourced professional services for applications that promote your business.

Why and How We Develop Applications?

1. We develop applications to increase profitability of the companies.
2. We develop applications to increase company familiarity.
3. We can develop mobile applications for every need and demand thanks to our professional teams and years of experience.
4. Thanks to technical equipment we use, we run the applications we developed through many tests, and work to directly increase customer satisfaction.

Areas Where Websites Are Weak

Today’s technology advanced a lot, and let alone facing problems, people cannot even stand waiting any time for solution of problems. Well, do people still trust websites? Freezing, slow down, hacking and many more problems encountered due to servers have led people towards use of mobile.

● Slow server systems.
● Freezing, cut off problems often encountered due to attemps of many ill-fated people to hack websites.
● Most people tending to use mobile applications rather than websites, and web world’s lack of finding solutions.
● Difficulty and high cost of development efforts. 
● Requirement of many outsourced systems to be paid (Domain, Vds, Hosting, Theme, Online systems and facilities etc.)
● Inability to do anything and any time.
● Higher rate of interaction with telephones than websites by people, etc.

Due to aforementioned items and many more, websites are now insufficient compared to mobile applications. Our company identified those problems and therefore improved our mobile application development capacities, and decided to offer this service without additional costs.

In summary, we are now much more skilled and experienced in mobile application development compared to the past. Furthermore, we did not make any adjustments to increase our prices for these new and additional skills. You may contact us through any contact channels to find out our prices and pricing policies. 

How does mobile application

process work?

Your Targets Are Identified

You will be communicated to identify your targets and provide you with recommendations.

Suitable Package is Selected

The most appropriate package is selected on the basis of platform and your application details.

Research and Scenario

Applications similar to your order are researched, and a customized scenario is prepared.

Design and Authenticity

Your designs are custom created based on your instructions, and delivered to you.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos for the program are prepared according to your instructions.


Necessary revisions are made according to your instructions, and are delivered to you.