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Was ist eine Unternehmenswebsite?

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Was ist eine Unternehmenswebsite?


Was ist eine Unternehmenswebsite?

Corporate websites are the sites where companies are represented on internet, reflecting a corporate identity. Unlike other websites, corporate websites can be described as professionally designed sites to promote products or services of a company or a firm. Webroute software is leading development of many corporate firm websites. We are aware of the importance of website design in creating a corporate identity. Therefore, we design websites systematically, considering every detail. We are not only designing websites but also take over management of a website upon customer demand, and offering all web services as a complete package.

How Should a Corporate Website Be?

Corporate websites should primarily be created by contracting a professional company having expertise in the field. First of all, website logo is one of the attention drawing details. The process should start by designing a flashy logo that fully reflects the company. Corporate website properties should be carefully considered.  Home Page section of a corporate website should not be chaotic, nd should be designed in a clearly understandable fashion without tiring the user. Menus should be designed in a way easily accessible by visitors. Menus and topics without content should be avoided. Contact information and contact form should be present on website for visitors. Corporate website is like a business card for many corporations, therefore it should have an expandable structure. Management panels should offer ease of use. Corporate website exemplars are available in Webroute Software archive. You can view those samples and select the most appropriate design that fits you. We as Webroute Software are offering all possible alternatives for you.


Why is a Corporate Website Necessary?

Everyone may have a different answer to the question of why a corporate website is necessary. Of course, this is closely associated with varying individual needs of corporations. First of all, a corporate website is necessary to reflect corporate identity and to become prominent in competitive environment of corporate websites. We observe that the firms making large investments on corporate websites get their returns in short periods. Corporate website prices depend on requested website properties. Preparation process of those websites requires effort and hardwork. Therefore, we recommend this work to be handled by an expert team. Webroute works with an expert team in this field.

Fundamental Properties Required for a High Quality  Corporate Website


  1. Website domain name must be of quality that fully reflects the company.
  2. Content should be authentic and extensive.
  3. Logo, graphic, text and background colors should be in harmony.
  4. Applications without accessibility problems should be used.
  5. Menus and contact tab should be easily accessible.

- Website should work on all browsers without any flaws.    


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