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Who are we?

Who are we?

Digital solutions have been one of the essential needs in terms of both individual and corporate operations in the 21st century of technology era. The Google journey, which began with that has been active since 2005 and many other platforms to undertake an effective role in meeting the needs emergeing from technological developments in accordance with the high quality standards, has reached to the position to offer global services by year 2017. Webroute is based in London, United Kingdom. It is restructured as a complete service agency for companies with ranking targets in search engines. Operating over the servers with self-owned hardware located in London, Holland and Turkey on the comnet backbone, Webroute clearly demonstrates its superiority over the competitors with its staff members having expertise in their fields and a wide service network.

Webroute is a company with global targets that is not only based in London but also conducting advanced telecommunication operations in Germany, software and R&D operations in India, and has entered into Turkish market by acquiring active seo and hosting companies through stock purchase since 2019. Drawing from the success achieved through long-term experience process in all of its operations, Webroute aims to offer the highest quality seo, web and telecommunication solutions in Central Europe, Turkey and Turkish Republics to consumers by combining professional service concept entegrated into advancement in technology to offer new solutions each day.

Service Structure That Does Not Compromise on Quality

Operating in a field such as Internet where speed and uninterrupted service plays an important role, Webroute follows physical hardware and software developments closely with the aim of delivering the best. In addition to the services where redundant fiber infrastructures of technology and infrastructure companies such as Comnet, Superonline, Turk Telekom and Turknet are employed, a significant emphasis is made on infrastructure to deliver a performance efficiency of 99.9% with the aid of special cooling systems and air-conditioning systems.

In order to deliver consumers with high performance efficiency in a consistent manner under any condition, Webroute Telekom shapes its services using innovations brought by state of art technology, and offers the best infrastructure for Webroute Web Seo. In this framework, latest products of leading brands of network hardware such as Juniper, Cisco and Dell, and employs ‘redundant configuration’ to ensure accessibility of existing hardware at all times.

Using the most powerful equipment and hardware technologies in server services, Webroute Telekom prefers servers such as Dell R840 and DellR730xd of which quality is recognized by the significant authorities of the sector in the field of visualized server hardware. Raid10 and Raid50 are used in visualization, and a comfortable use is ensured for consumers thanks to redundant disc system.

Fast Customer Support

In the frame of corporate service concept, being aware of the possible severe outcomes that may be encountered on the internet by consumers can be an important trouble for online corporate systems, a concept of service completely far from such structure is adopted. In particular, Webroute’s experienced and professional technical staff facilitates non-stop monitoring and assessment of network charts for 7 days and 24 hours in order to mitigate possible problem risks. Such service structure enables identification of potential problems in advance, ensuring necessary interventions are practiced beforehand, completely eliminating any issues related to solving of problems after the customers encounter with them.

In addition to the unmatched protection against strong attacks on the internet, you can access fast and non-stop technical support services offered 7/24 by experienced technicians over telephone or call system any time you need. You can easily reach to relevant personnel for any issues, and it is our priority to deliver you an uninterrupted service on a platform such as internet where every second is important.


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