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Keyword research

Our proprietary AI algorithm will automatically select keywords tailored to your web content to kick-start your SEO campaign. The priority will be given to the keywords that your website already ranks for in Google Search Engine Results Pages. You can also add your own keywords and select their priority status if doing so makes sense for your SEO campaign.

Link building

Following your AutoSEO strategy, our system will automatically put 750 high-quality backlinks (25 backlinks per day) to your website for every month of the promotion period. These links will be placed on niche-related websites that make up our 220,000-website network. We only apply tried-and-true optimization techniques to ensure the stable growth of your online business.

Website audit

Running a website that complies with Google guidelines is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign. That is why our SEO specialists will carry out a manual audit (click here to open the AutoSEO audit checklist) for every website promoted within 6-12-month AutoSEO packages. We will also provide a detailed report along with our recommendations on how to address the detected issues. If you use any of our 1-3-month AutoSEO plans or trial packages, you can get the report and recommendations with our automated Website Analyzer.

Troubleshooting website errors

If you use the 12-month AutoSEO package, you can expect our web developers to fix the errors that have been reported in your advanced manual audit (click here to open the AutoSEO audit checklist). Our 1 to 6-month AutoSEO plans and trial packages do NOT include this option, meaning you will need to address the issues on your own.


With AutoSEO, you can track the progress of your SEO campaign in your personal account. You can either download AutoSEO reports in PDF and CSV formats or schedule email delivery. Plus, your personal customer success manager will keep you updated on the results of your SEO campaign.

SEO expert support

You can always expect our SEO team and your personal customer success manager to have your back, whether your AutoSEO campaign is in its infancy or in full swing.

Competition & Insight

We nurture the indispensable insight understanding to grow a brand, eliminating your question marks for your customers and increasing the interaction by enabling you to get to know them better.

SEO Audit & Check-up

In the ever-evolving SEO world, we adapt to changing algorithms quickly and enable you to turn the competition into an advantage.

Data Driven SEO Techniques

In line with the data we obtain by keeping in mind the trends and user movements, we implement the most accurate SEO breakthroughs and ensure that you are always where your customers look.

Customized Advanced Implementations

We offer a personalized SEO service specific to your brand with all advanced applications such as on-page and off-page optimizations, and pinpoint keywords.

Measurement & Audit

After all these steps we have carried out in a strategic and devoted process, we present a map of "before and after" by determining how much you get out of your competitors and how much your customer interaction has increased.

Expectations & Analysis

We get the show on the road by materializing your expectations, define the setbacks with analysis and evaluating your current situation.


We Know Exactly What We Are Doing

Many leading brands from various sectors prefer Webroute for their content work. You can be inspired by the stories of brands advancing with Webroute's content strategies in their journey to success, and you can take action immediately for your own success strategies.


Google's Global Market Share

Google continues to grow in the search engine market


Mobile Device Usage in the World

Mobile usage rate worldwide


Global Internet Access

Access of the world population to the internet


The Power of SEO

Organic traffic channel compared to other channels (global)


Auto SEO

99,00 £ /1 Month

Startup Package

  • SEO expert support
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting website errors (by Client)
  • SEO recommendations (Automated)
  • 7/24 Customer support
1030,00 £ /6 Month

Effective Package

  • SEO expert support
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting website errors (by Client)
  • SEO recommendations (Manuell)
  • Customer support around the clock
1.999,00 £ /1 Year

Solid Package

  • SEO expert support
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting website errors (by Webroute)
  • SEO recommendations (Manuell)
  • 7/24 Customer support
  • Google entry


Seo Study Tools

Homepage F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we get some questions quite often. So what are they and what are their answers?

The biggest skill in SEO is problem solving. Finding new avenues, exploring all sources for on-page and off-page factors is crucial to success. Also, when it comes to SEO, a combination of analytical thinking and marketing skills is required. Also, being creative is crucial to creating effective and quality content.

No, because all provided backlinks are carefully selected and linked by our SEO experts. In this way, there is no possibility of damaging the website.

SEO is an effective process with continuity that needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted to be effective. You may be showing your page at the top of the page, but search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so you need to regularly adjust your SEO strategies to keep up. Without SEO updates, there is always a chance that your competitors will outperform you in the search engine results pages.

In professional SEO studies, the first page or place in the target keyword is not guaranteed. Because it is not possible to give such a guarantee in terms of the working system of search engines. For this reason, we aim to bring websites as a whole to a better position in our work. While it doesn't guarantee any position on a particular keyword, both main target keywords and side keywords will increase rankings and visitor numbers.


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